Media Contacts

If you’re a member of the media and are looking to visit the children and/or daily operations of Pou Soley Leve on the ground in Haiti please contact:

Mindy Faustin @ 212.408.1433

Guidelines for the Media

National Media:

  • Please call the Mindy Faustin  at (212) 408-1422, and we will find the appropriate person for your particular request.

Local Media in Haiti:

  • Please contact Jean Yvon Kernizon @

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Give us your feedback. The more we know about how you are using this page, the better we can suit your needs regarding the ongoing changes with the Pou Soley Leve Program. If there is some specific information or formats that would be more helpful for you, please file a comment below.

Please note: Comments regarding the format and content of this site go to the social media team. If you have other inquires please visit and click “contact us” or contact Jean Yvon Kernizon at 718-303-2794.


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